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The staff of Junior Achievement of Wisconsin <http://www.jawis.org/> shared this testimonial from one of their enthusiastic volunteers.[CS Lewis Quote]"The past week?was one of the most meaningful weeks of my JA volunteer career," said Wally Fick, a JA volunteer and vice president and chief-of-staff of HSA Bank <http://bit.ly/1mS9BBi> in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. "I?d like to share this with everyone involved in helping Junior Achievement empower young people to own their economic success."Wally?said he started the week teaching JA?Our City <http://bit.ly/1lhRgMs> ? to third-grade students. Mid-week, he guided a group of at-risk high school seniors through a session of JA high school program.?He finished the week leading a group of business professionals at a JA Titan <http://bit.ly/1mScLVz> ? Training Camp?Professional Achievement session."Only Junior Achievement could create such a diverse week of bringing people together in an environment where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It was amazing,"?Wally said.Another interesting aspect of this volunteer?s JA experience was an exercise he did with his high school class. "I asked each student to write down his or her definition of success," he said. "I told them that before we began to talk about the success skills that will help them throughout the rest of their lives, I wanted to discover if we all agreed on what success means. Here is what they wrote." Success is: Being somebody Being truly happy Achieving your goals Being happily married Having multiple degrees Finishing what you start Owning a house, cars, etc. Doing something with your life Setting goals and achieving them Being able to take care of yourself Loving what you do and doing it well Trying your hardest and doing your best Having a good job and a family you love Working hard to get where you want to go Being happy with what you have accomplished Achieving your goals and loving what you do Finishing a goal or dream during a period of time Putting your mind on something and completing your goal Being happy with who you are, and what you have done in your lifeWally?said that after reading the responses, he realized that "not only were the students aligned on their definition of success, but they also were sharing what most of all of us would consider true measures of success.""Whether in third grade, high school or the professional business community, we all need what Junior Achievement offers," he concluded." Caring adults, concerned about the future success and economic health of young people and the communities in which they live, find meaning and rewards in the JA experience. And, with their guidance, students discover their potential and prepare to experience the opportunities of the 21st-century global marketplace."

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