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Image caption: Team Gearphones at the 2015 JA National Student Leadership Summit (photo courtesy of Risdon Photography).

Team Gearphones, from JA of Hawaii, was one of the 15 teams that participated in the 2015 JA National Student Leadership Summit (NSLS) in Washington, D.C. Gearphones? President, Joy Ravina, expressed her gratitude for the creation of the entrepreneurial, skill-enhancing experience. JA of Hawaii's President Kimberly Canepa shared Joy's appreciation.

"We learned so many things and had so many experiences that will definitely last a lifetime," said Joy. "I?ve learned that with hard work and drive I don?t have to work in a fast food restaurant for the rest of my life, that I could be a manager and even a president of my own company. I just didn?t realize that I had such great potential until JA came into my school."

Joy has been inspired by JA so much that she has taken the next steps to participate in nonprofit programs: asking for advice on how to be successful with her participation. She plans to earn a degree in Honolulu and while she continues to make a difference for herself, she is eager to see more lives change, because she knows JA is fulfilling its mission around the world.

The 2015 NSLS showed her that JA influences people from a variety of backgrounds.

Image caption: Gearphones on Capitol Hill

"JA gave me the opportunity to connect with students, business executives, and other people that have truly made a difference in my life," Joy concluded.

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